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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

AMANDA LEW KEE Fall/Winter 2012

AMANDA LEW KEE never ceases to amaze me! AS I ALWAYS SAY... You are your best P.R.. and in this case the design of the designer translated into YOU ARE YOUR MUSE AND THE BEST REPRESENTATION OF YOUR BRAND.... To make a long story short, this is probably one of my favorite collections from the designer. I love that it's back to blue lips and black leather. Combining classic style with her own personal aesthetic Amanda Lew kee formulates and the ultimate collection full of textures, volume, shape and style... Love that black leather, utilitarian-esque parka with black full-on-fur hood and alot of the details, like her now signature angular metallic zippers and that super cool fringe-esque skirt UGH! I want..... This is probably one of my favourite collections to date, it's as wearable as it is cool and again.. IT'S ALL BLACK.. and lawd knows I don't miss color!... The variations of layers and textures that showed and hid skin was enough "color" for me haha..
Photos x Karim

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