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Friday, February 10, 2012

No Looking Back

I know you all must think that this without a doubt seems to be my favorite look piece OR that I must of sold all my other things becuase there is nothing else I ever seem to want to wear. Well, whatever o.k. I can't help it + it's techincally my birthday month so I get away with whatever I want for 18 19 more days yay leap year! -I've been having some seriously awesome and motivating talks with some seriously awesome and motivating people (read: new team Jay Strut) and all I can say is thank you! When you are in a comfortable place it's so hard to want to push the boundaries. I'm learning that I have the power to do whatever I put my mind to and I am also learning that when you are succeeding and progressing, you can't looking back, you have to just go!.... Anyways, it's past midnight and I have to catch a flight to New York in the morning so we will talk soon!

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ziur+ said...

It's your life, it's your choice. Best of the best :)+

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