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Monday, January 9, 2012

The Airplane Boys - Gold Ribbons

You guys know when I come across a track I dig I....DO..NOT..STOP...LISTENING TO IT... And yup, you guessed it! That my friends is the case here, like any good ol' addiction I suffer from these days, be it Givenchy or Balmain at least I know it is done in good taste.. Allow me to introduce Gold Ribbons a crazy-cool song that makes me want to dance, jump, go cray and then sit down and look at the window and reminisce of a past I never had lol! I don't know whatever emotion The Airplane Boys are making me feel, I LOIIIIIIIIIKE IT!! I was lucky enough to be introduced to these guys from PR princess Ashley MacIntyre. I even got to see them live here in Toronto!!.. When I got to see all the people jamming out to their beat I felt so inspired and really was vibing with the energy and honestly finally felt inspired enough to start doing what I set out to do from the beginning HELLOS! O.k. I'll stop talking now.. Enjoy!!xx :)..