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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mark Cross 1845 Bags, Collection 1

Here are some bags I kinda fell in love with from, nearly two century old luxury bag maker, Mark Cross. The company, originally established in 1845, in Boston, U.S.A. as a saddlers and harnessmakers company has now, literally come back from the dead (they closed down in 1997) and are bringing some super chic, classic and convenient bags to the scene with their Collection 1 bags. Mark Cross, reborn in 2010 features a clean look occasionally adorned with a strong yet still simple punch of luxuriously cut hardware. These bags are without a doubt built to last and stand the test of time, their simple style keeps them forever appealing and without a doubt positions them as a must-have bag to have for life! Prices range from $1,495 - 2,350 which isn't that bag when you know you are paying for quality and longevity.. The Mark Cross bags are debuting exclusively at Barney's and are set to arrive in stores by January 30th!!...Yes they are feminine and yes, very elegant, but I could still see even myself rocking the Madison tote (in a XXL size of course, I love my big everyday bags!) or even the Grace Box Bag which may I add was created by Gerald Murphy for Grace Kelly's role in Rear Window.. Major right!?!?

Visit: http://www.markcross1845.com/ for more.

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Biser Sable said...

Oh the bags are amazing!<3

Amina said...

That Madison East/West tote is very celine looking but nonetheless these bags are chic! And from what you are saying they seem to be great prices for their quality and name.

Thanks for sharing.

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