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Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Coveted vs. The Classic

Thought this would be a cool picture in the moment so I snapped away, then when I thought about it, with the way things are going, between the sporadic price increases and the extreme lack of availability for the Celine Luggage Tote, who knows, it might possibly become something along the lines of the next Hermes Birkin Bag. I don't see why not. They have just recently released a luggage tote in a special smooth leather which is said to be completely hand made. So, with that being said let's see what happens. I say that within the next couple of years the Celine luggage tote may be somewhere around $3,000 & upwards!.

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@iam_ideal said...


Darius Burnette said...

Love it, laugage totes are the best. Only if I could afford to pay it would do me some justice. :)

@Reggie_Marshall said...

#photoshootfresh approved

Esra said...

the black one look amazing i like it ! xxMy Beautyworld

Cindy said...

love the bags!:)


Antonia said...

Honestly, these two bags are my fave ever!


Anonymous said...


Daily Women said...

Love it <3



Ruth said...

Love these baggs!!!


Anonymous said...

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