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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Look Through My Eyes

Yesterday consisted of the beach and yet another trip to Bal Harbour. We usually tend to go there at least every other day. Apparently we like shopping in spurts. Anyways, these are just a portion of some of the things I saw yesterday sans literally being shoulder-to-shouldered by Lil Wayne on the way out. Anyways. I am kinda thinking I need an iPhone, just because I feel like it will be much easier to upload images and stuff, blackberry camera isn't really doing it for me as much as it used to.

Tom Ford - Celine - Celine - Roberto Cavalli - Chloe

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Ashley C said...

LOVE the Celine bags! I am assuming those are in store right now? I am so calling in today!

Frederick L. said...

Fun pictures, I must say if you will continue to be shooting from your mobile device definitely go for an iPhone!

Biser Sable said...

wow... great pics!^^ merry xmas!^^

Antonia said...


Merry Christmas dear!
Wish you all the best! :)


fashion24/7 said...

Love the colors of Celine! So luxxe! Did you pick something up for yourself?

Anonymous said...


The Icon Concierge said...

AHHH, I see you're a fellow Tom Ford lover!

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