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Saturday, December 10, 2011

A is For Aldo, Fragrance Launch

ALDO (yes, the shoe company) conjured up three cool scents and branded them very intelligently with a easy and simple corresponding color to bottle kind of thing.. RED, BLUE and YELLOW labeled bottles contain signature scents that in a way perfectly match their given color. My favorite was definitely the BLUE scent, it was sweet and simple, very fun and in a sense quite youthful.

What I love about this concept is the very un-intimidating and welcoming way this product presents itself, gone are the days of the ignorant and tired spritzer ignoring you or in some cases attacking you with their department store fragrance! A for Aldo is fun, easy and a great value! You can get 10ml of your favorite for $15, 30ml for $25 and 75ml $45!

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inmyhansonshirt said...

How cool! I had no idea they had fragrances now!


Amina said...

cool news.

Anonymous said...

I def have to check this out!

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