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Monday, October 24, 2011


LAWD KNOWS how excited I am for this collection to hit the floors.. Hunny you besta-believe I'm gonna be flockin like it's a liquidation clearance at Bergdorfs! You definitely know there's going to be alot of "GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!! MINE, MINE!! MOVE BIATCHH" going on November 19th when the collection goes for sale here in Canada. Anyways, here are a couple shots from the campaign, all I can say is I...WANT

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Esmee D said...

I KNOW! i'm sooooo excited.. i love your posts! They always make me giggle, thank you for that :D!

Label Deficiency said...

Which ones are you planning to get?

SunnyToast said...

every fashionista is excited with this collaboration:)

thank you for sharing!

BlondeMuse said...

wow LOVE IT! xo

J.Lillian said...

I believe the Earth will stand still the day this collection drops!! I love the first look with the studded jacket. Can't wait!

Olivia said...

Love the pictures but the collection is not so cool :/

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