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Thursday, October 6, 2011


Things are getting hectic but not as hectic as things will be in a couple weeks.. Toronto fashion week is approaching faster then Fifth Avenue betches at a Barney's sale! Are you excited? I'm 74.25% sure I AM!? But seriously between my excitement and nerves I don't even know how I feel.. Two young, beautiful and driven girls stopped me in the middle of the street yesterday asking me if I was Jay Strut.. I almost said no, because that would mean they have read my blog or tweeted my tweets which is way to surreal for me.. I can't believe people actually read my stuff, I honestly feel so honored.. Anyways, was clearing out memory on memory cards for TFW and found some goodies.. Here are some random photos from my recent little run-away to New York.. A better view, of the view, the first thing I always seem to end up doing upon arrival to NY (when with Janet) and yeah.. Richard & I embarked on a very intense nightlife experience that I wont go into much detail about but seriously... I'm part traumatized, part ecstatic lol

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Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous view of NYC!

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

the first thing I so when i arrive in nyc is i go to bleecker street, MBMJ is the first store i have to go to! i am trying to figure out where you are in that first photo, but i cannot! fabulous post, always love a nyc compilation

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