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Monday, October 24, 2011

Jay Strut + SSENSE $250 Giveaway! - closed

DON'T YOU LOVE ONLINE SHOPPING!?!?..Want to win a cool $250 to spend at one of the hottest online fashion retailers SSENSE.com? GHURRRRRL you could finally get that Alexander Wang, Givenchy or Balmain.. There is so much to choose from on SSENSE.. Girl, it doesn't matter where in the world you are, you know a cool $250 to shop never hurt nobody!!! SO if you want to win, all you have to do is follow a few very simple stepsits quite easy, really!

1) LIKE the official SSENSE facebook page
2) LIKE my official facebook page
3) Send me a tweet "@JayStrut I BETTER win the $250 from @SSENSE b/c __________ http://bit.ly/j2s7" telling me why you should win the giveaway
4) Lastly follow my blog with google/twitter

WE WILL INDEED BE SPENDING TIME MATCHING UP ENTRIES.. In other words IN ORDER TO WIN you MUST complete the 4 steps to. or else you will have gone-done wasted your time! GOODLUCK!!!!

This contest is open internationally, the goods are shipping in CAD funds
Winner will be announced on Tuesday, October 25rd, 2011!

74 -:

Lil_Lagerfeld said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dressy Celeb said...

Nice giveaway!

Thank you very much for your comment! ^_^
♥ Dressy Celeb ♥

joy to the world said...

OMG, what an amazing giveaway!

Joy to the world



Stephanie Vogel said...

Soo awesome. Hope I win! ;)

Stephanie Vogel

Tiff said...

Awesome giveaway!

Kate said...

Wow, fall fashion never seemed more intriguing. Love your blog, love SSENSE.

pressefr said...

Loving the website.


. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
. said...

Fantastic giveaway! Hope to win and get this (http://www.ssense.com/men/product/bill_tornade/chapka_serpa_hat/40976) for the winter!!!!!

Love ssense and your blog!!

Ruben Van Den Bossche

Alex said...


Alex Chiu

Jinra said...

A puppy isn't really going to die if you don't select me as a winner.

Jinra Ilustrisimo


J D said...

I followed the rules. I would live to win. I love online shopping + SSENSE + fashion blogs!
jendoucet@gmail.com / jdct@mta.ca

annec said...

3 cheers for gift cards!

Anne Cayer
anne.m.cayer (at) gmail.com

Kari R said...

Kari Rennie



I would love to win this! Thanks for the opportunity Jay!

D.R. said...

I would faint cry happy tears if I won this my closet would thank me as well gosh I hope I win

LucianaVee said...

Luciana Ablalliv (name on Facebook)

Twitter @lucianavee

Email: lucianavee@gmail.com

My closet needs a makeover, and this would be it! Thank you for having this giveaway, love your blog!

michael ching said...

that's one of the most amazing giveaway EVER!
twitter name is : @fotoboi5
email is michaelchingfoto@gmail.com

need some fall /winter clothes! :)

Gabrielle said...

Gabrielle Bondi
Twitter: @GabrielleAdelle
Email: gbondi07@gmail.com

Great giveaway! I've seriously been dying for a new handbag. Btw, fab blog!

N said...

I'd die if I won this. My closet is empty, and summer's around the corner. I'd love to win.

twitter - @mintmaison
email - mintmaison@gmail.com


Eva said...

Thanks for your sweet comment! Great blog xoxo


Aida said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog!!


cda said...

CDA is beautiful
@damoursc via twitter

Eric Beaulieu said...

cool!! good opportunity to save on a fall jacket!! thx!


Essai said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Victor Bernard said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

Victor Bernard
twitter: @victorbd

dan on said...

HI I am a big fan of your style! My name is Dan On and I am a very very very poor film student trying to look kind of cool. Please help out! :)


Federica said...

beautiful giveaway !! :)

Federica Cirelli


Gayle Chong said...

Hope I'm the lucky bitch.

Anonymous said...

Thirst time on your blog, nice picture and style, i hope to see more different spirit for men's, i'm in love with canadian brand like naked and famous, wing+horns, canada goose, moose knuckles etc...
Anyway nice game and opportunity to order on ssense :D

Good luck for your blog ;)
Alexandre Fenart on Facebook
No tweet


Raymond said...

I am jealous of your life.

The Little Dust Princess said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Little Dust Princess said...

Thanks so much! I just followed you through Google under the name "The Little Dust Princess".

My name is Jessy and I've "liked" SSENSE on Facebook for a while now. Just "liked" your page as well! My email address is jessycow.blog (at gmail dot com)

Twitter handle is jessy757 and this is my tweet!

harfor said...

I better win!!
Amazing give away!!


Lori said...

I love SSENSE. $250 would buy something pretty for me ...

twitter: lorihmatthews

Anonymous said...

Been a fan of SSENSE for a while.. Love what you do.

Lonny Parr

Daribum said...

Hey, I just discovered your blog and thought to myself HOW COULD IT BE that I haven't heard/known about you before?? Anyways, your blog is amazing, love ^_^

My name is Daribum Uyanga


Jay said...

Winning the humongous amount of $250 would make a great deal of impact on my fashion-life (as if the one who types these lines is as 'Viva Glam' as Jay and the eccentric Bryanboy who sweats glitter), I've never experienced haute-shopping online ala son of a Russian Billionaire...

I buy my clothes on 3rd world thrift stores and sometimes if I have savings, I go for the mall-wide sales with up to 70% discounts.. But, of course, without compromising the style and functionability of the item..

So there you go, reader-fashionistas, i think i've said a lot already. Hahaha

email: jrpatao@yahoo.es
twitter: oataprayaj
facebook: JR Patao [http://www.facebook.com/jpatao]

Anonymous said...

Lisa Atwell says: Thank you so much

email: lisaatwell1968@yahoo.com
twitter: smidgies_mom

Anonymous said...



ethanchang said...

hi jay. I'm sunghoon(ethan). I did four steps include this one. Many people like shopping at ssense . This event is really cool. I believe you can help me to win. Haha. Peace!

Giulia said...

this is an amazing giveaway! but unfortunately I can't join it because I haven't got a Facebook account :(
I like your blog!

vonnie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vonnie said...

Thanks for this giveaway :)

My usernames for FB, Twitter and Gmail are yvonneywong.

I've liked, tweeted, and followed!

You can follow me too if you want at ohsovonnie.blogspot.com!

Stephania said...

Stephanie Shao

Not sure that $250 will get me much at SSENSE, but hey, it's something!


Anonymous said...

I liked, tweeted, and follwed!!!
I want to win`~!~!~!

Sang Soo Kim said...

I liked, tweeted, and follwed!!!
I want to win`~!~!~!

tracy said...

tracy kwan
tweeted @tkwan23 https://twitter.com/#!/tkwan23/status/124388108971147264
following on google

sneaky lui said...

Luisa Sta. Maria
Twitter: @_MonaLuisa


Unknown said...


Anonymous said...


Jona Willers

avalen said...

Did all the four steps, so crossing my fingers!

fashion kats said...

great giveaway!!
my name is Rita and email is fashionkats@gmail.com


Portia said...

Yay for fall! My FB name is different from my Google name: MJ Moore is FB, Portia is Google. Twitter name:@butterflyrouge


Julien Perreault said...

I love your blog, thanks for the contest; it's a great idea! :)

Julien Perreault


Spencer Judge said...

Spencer Judge


Tyler Kenny said...

Tyler Kenny
i need a new givenchy shirt !

Mon_Cherie said...

Ooooh yes! it will be like you are here helping me revamp! @InventingMyself

Lekan T said...

Fingers crossed (for me)!

Lekan Tijani

Erika said...

Did all 4 steps. Twitter name ek03yr
erikakomori at gmail dot com.

arushny said...

I love your sun glasses...they are so frikkin chic...n im so excited about the contest...did all the 4 steps!
twitter: @arushny
email: ashy_arul at hotmail dot com.

Samm said...

Amazing give away! I'm addicted to the SSENSE webshop!

I already follow your blog and I also follow you on Twitter + I have done the other things too ;)

With love, Samm

Lil_Lagerfeld said...

James Tustin (aka Lil_Lagerfeld)

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog! It's what I look forward to every morning lol!
EMAIL: anthony.mammoliti@gmail.com

Anthony Mammoliti said...

I love reading your blog! It's what I look forward to every morning lol!
EMAIL: anthony.mammoliti

Name: Anthony Mammoliti
Twitter: @imanthonny

e f said...

twitter ID turok64
initials are E F.

Michelle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Veronica Ho said...

Good luck to everyone! :)

Veronica Ho


NursePB1964 said...

I wear scrubs all day. I need those close Jay.

Francivusk said...

I liked both pages as Francesca Giveaway, I tweeted here http://twitter.com/#!/FranGiveaway/status/129278009831206912 and I'm following you on Twitter :)

francivusk at hotmail dot it

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