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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Greta Constantine S/S 2012

Last night was the official beginning of Toronto's Fashion Weeks, yes we have week's in Toronto, two to be exact, the early and then the on-time..I guess.. Anyways, it kicked off Tuesday night with Greta Constantine's Spring/Summer 2012. Greta Constantine once again shared the mastery of their technique, the sexy silhouettes gathered and ruched mixed with new takes on their iconic jersey-dress look. Hot punches of color hiked up with new proportions set the tone for the collection then a sudden transition into some BDSM-ISH inspired straps here and there looks made their way with some intricate knotting and detailing. Sexy a-symetrical cuts which I fall into a deep trance over in a jacket-form was a highlight. Ezra Constantine, the probably gay, maybe metro-sexual & misunderstood step-brother of Greta made way down the spot-light-lit runway in shredded tanks and perfectly draped numbers. Bravo boys! - P.s. read the rest of my article on satisfashion

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PAPS said...

:) nice.

Anonymous said...

love the Greta Boys! Looks like you had a pretty intense view lol, love your blog Jay

Plami said...

I love the way you altered the photos! Gorgeous!



Fashion 24/7 said...

Lovely write up

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