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Sunday, September 18, 2011

TABLE For 1, Please

Sometimes, when all you've been running on is some tranny dust from last night and late night post-fashion-show binge-style, make-you-sick, fast-food dinners with friends during New York Fashion Week, one of the things you can do to get yourself back, to a kind of calm and somewhat, not really though, but better and a slightly more peaceful you is go find a table for one somewhere and just take it easy.. NYFW took me everywhere this week, Uptown, Downtown and even the subway, so it's safe to say I was keeping pretty busy. But girl, one mistake I made was NOT nourishing myself according to my instincts.. I was struttin' into the Lincoln center like the rent was due (obviously) and once I got in there I started feeling WOOZY!.. Was it the Tresseme hair studio's toxic hairspray all over the place? No.. It was the fact that it was nearly 4 o'clock & I had yet to eat a thing, and after walking like 20 blocks worth that day already, my body just wasn't having it. So I skipped the shows and ran straight to the first place I knew could get me back into fighting mode.. SAKS..

1) Soup Of The Day
2) Steak & Frites
3) Lemon Sorbet

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Andrea said...

ohh now i am hungry..this looks wonderful :D

Anonymous said...

WOW does that ever look delicious. This is at SAKS? I definitely have to check it out!

Marie said...

Holy crap - my stomach is literally grumbling! MMmmmMmm

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Sandra said...

These photos look gorgeous, they made me hungry. :D


Sofie said...

You have got to eat!!! I suddenly became very hungry! Is it lemons sorbe for dessert? That's my favorite, next to fresh berries!

SEO Company India said...

Wow, that is something yummy. I wish there a was a e-eating technology.

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