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Monday, September 19, 2011

Marc x Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2012

Marc Jacobs' collections are always the highlights of New York Fashion Week (I mean....DUH) so when I was invited to the shows this season I literally almost passed out and died, dead, right there on the floor, which apparently would of been chic (conversations inside Marc Jacobs HQ).. I had a blast at the shows and am so lucky I get to share my thoughts.. Personally I think Marc x Marc Jacobs is one of the few fashion collections that are not only outstandingly stylish and cool but also very wearable. You acquire style, trend, something fancy and definitely something affordable which is what I admire most about this collection.

For Spring/Summer 2012 there is an ever so relevant and beautiful cross of signature style and on point trend in this collection. Marc x Marc Jacobs provides all the fashionable boys and girls with the basic necessities they'll need to survive fashionable lifestyle. There are cool little details here and there like a tie at waist or the emphasized skirt. There is also lots and lots of color, like bright neon's used on suits for boys and chic minimalist pieces for girls. There was contrast and always exciting prints. I really love the stripes patterns, the colors are great. Oh and definitely the accessories, did you see the footwear? I mean like come onUHM HELLO! THE SNEAKER WEDGE!!!?!? FINALLY DONE RIGHT!!! and obviously by Marc Jacobs right!.. Oh and you already know those bags are going to be soooo everywhere lol..

A great balance between simplicity and style. I love Marc x Marc Jacobs because of the fun in fashion he effortlessly provides for his client and the fantasy in which I commend him even more for making a reality to realistic customers.

images, style.com

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im obsessed with those suits! the colours are just beautiful!

Andrés Corella said...

Amazing collection!! I am completely obsessed over the bags! I need one!

The Black Label

Between Buttons said...

Love Marc Jacobs! Amazing collecion!


Karina said...

Jay! You are hilarious! Love your article. Honestly, this show was gorgeous! You definitely need to rock those sneaker wedges! Lol xx

Anonymous said...

Marc Jacobs retweeted you! Wow. Cool blog

deppa said...

Nice too see that the colored trend is still here :)
Pretty designs.

See you!

Sanzibell said...

i love this pictures :)



D.R. said...

The.Sneaker.Wedges. *faints*

Between Nous said...

I love the colours!Great photos :)


Anonymous said...

Great post! looks so cool

Anonymous said...


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