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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kate & Jay

Bumped into street-style goddess in all black everything, Kate Lanphear, outside the Lincoln Center before one of the shows during NYFW.. We chatted for a bit about FearLanphear, when we first met in Toronto for the Tommy Hilfiger party and just some other stuff! It's so great to catch up and vibe with such a cool person *LOVE

18 -:

Deppa said...

Such a great experience :)

See you!

D.R. said...

this is a great pic of you two I see some stellar accessories from this pic


I absolutely love your personal style. You need to publish a book with just your own looks.


Sally said...

Great fashion information blog! You're such a nice and funny guy and I love your style <3

xxx Sally

Anonymous said...

You + kate lanphear = epic

Taryn said...

how fun! you both look fabulous :)

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