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Saturday, September 17, 2011

I WANNA BE A BLOND - The Blonds S/S 2012

You know where to go to have a really, really, really, ridiculously good time?.. NO NOT THERE YOU PERVERT!.. GUESS.. Or no, wait, you can follow the sequin, bejeweled and glittered Tranny brick road to.... The Blond's silly (Playboy inspired) rabbit.. Honestly... the blonds throw the most fun and AMAZING fashion shows and they did not disappoint at all for their Spring/Summer 2012 runway show.. There were trannys, celebs, club kids and gothic things scattered all over the place, it was a mad house. But when that show started and Phillipe strutted his/her stuff down that effing catwalk LIKE THE RENT WAS DUE BEFORE THE AFTER-PARTY...the festivities REALLY began! -

The Blonds channeled their inner Playboy bunny, which according to sources they were even sponsored by, shot some glitter over here and sprinkled just the right amount of tranny dust over there, and voila, you get a Katy Perry ready line-up of sexy and (I dont think i said yet...not) GLITTERY silhouettes topped with bunny ears and beautiful models. I genuinely appreciate the blonds, not because of their glittery-endeavors but for the break of reality they consistently bring to fashion week, no minimalism, or on trend tailoring, just sexy, classy, celeb-ready, fun! P.s. Not only was I sitting behind hugo-mungo-mega fashion crush Mike Ruiz, but I got to see my baybay Corbin Chamberlin too!! We sat right beside each other, what are the chances right!?.. Thanks to Robert Verdi for taking the pic!

Here are some shots I took from my seat -

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Anonymous said...

amazing stuff! Thank god your back!

Antonia said...

Great show!!!! :)



Fashion 24/7 said...

What a spectacle! You are right, The Blonds is always a break from reality and a whole lot of fun during fashion week!

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