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Monday, August 8, 2011

New York Fashion Week Lucky 7 Should Haves!

Everyone knows New York Fashion Week is the pinnacle of all the fashion in the world. New York is always boom-boom-pow-ing with celebrities, top editors, socialites, definitely the hottest designers and so much more. With New York fashion week less then a month away obviously everybody is stocking up on their hottest items and packing heavy for the haul.. Any stylish fashionista at NYFW obviously wants her photo taken by the top street style bloggers that flock to the city like hungry pigeons (why else would they be in the vicinity? Girl don't you have class in like 12 minutes?).. Lets say Tommy Ton of Jak & Jil or Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist gets a shot of you that gets everyone asking "who is that' or your September-Summery digs get you on the New York Times' best dressed of fashion week Day-1 or something list?

I religiously stalk fashion blogs, street style blogs & anything that has to do with fashion and ends in a [.com] (in the name of the Ferragamo, the Chanel & The Karl Lagerfeld, AMEN!). Because of this, I like to think I have manifested and developed some ideas of how to getting your LEWK VIRAL! NOW, I KNOW YOU PROBABLY ALREADY HAVE IT DOWN PACKED like 80% of your wardrobe in yours, your moms & your dad's suitcases but let me share 7 LUCKY SHOULD HAVE'S while strutting the streets during New York Fashion Week, OR whatever fashion week your attending! Continue reading to learn more about what's what!

1) Purple Pleated Maxi - It doesn't necessarily need to be purple but a color always does the trick. There is something about a chick strutting to the shows in bold & long maxi skirt that just gets the camera flicking! The brighter you go, the more you shine;)

2) The Ankle Boot - Take it how you may but the ankle boot that cuts just either to or above your ankle ALWAYS brings out the fashion b!T*^& in a girl, especially when it's platform like this Steve Madden one! Go for a black classic that you can wear the week and throw on with EVERYTHING!

3) The Cambridge Satchel - It's been popping up left, right, center, down, in, around and EVERYWHERE else possible! It's the new "IT" bag and I know why, its simple, its structured, it's masculine yet feminine and comes in the most beautiful rainbow of colors! p.s. It's like under $200 which makes it not only super practical but affordable to!

4) Ocular Villainous Sunglasses - Do you know those cray-cray circular glasses that you only see on the evil scientist before he screams "It's ALIVE!" or some other rant! Well somewhere between the time that you actually remember seeing one of those movies and today they became cool! These fashionable contraptions obviously don't have to be this extreme but they do have to cover at least 78.84% of your face or it just wont work!

5) Starbucks - I wouldn't recommend packing one of these in your luggage. It would probably destroy everything we've worked for to get to this point! But whatever your preference, (Aside from the OBVIOUS: Keeping you alive and well) the whole 'its really early, off to a show.. Or school.. Or somewhere equally important' with STARBUCKS IN LEFT HAND and being on Blackberry with the right hand thing always gets those who don't have your attention-s, attention.

6) Chunky Accessories - If there is only one thing you get out of this I hope its this! Sure, delicate jewelry is always so beautiful against your manicure but let's get real, street-style bloggers want something they can see well before the rest of you makes it to your destination! Throw on your favorite bangles, rings & silverware, POUND IT ON FOR HEAVENS SAKE! I know Chanel said "Take one thing off before you leave the house" but I am so in the "More is more" family (Amen To BryanBoy!)

7) LAST BUT NOT LEAST, bring....your.... A-GAME! Be yourself! Have so much, fashion is about expression and sharing who you are though what you wear, don't ever be shy or embarrassed of any fake flaw you made up for yourself when you met that really cute boy or girl in highschool! You are amazing and you will rock the world like its your runway!

See You in New York

p.s. I'd love to hear your feedback about this post, if you love it or hate it?

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Andrés Corella said...

Great should haves! The last one for me its def the most important...being your fierce self is the greatest suit, accesory and attitude you´ll ever have!

The Black Label

Anonymous said...

Tell me more about the Cambridge Satchel!

Peiyinn said...

The purple maxi skirt is so awesome!

Anonymous said...

Great post xx

Daniella said...

Love this post xoxox New York is always BOOM BOOM POWING and waiting for you to go take on NYFW xoxoxox

Emily said...

I totally loved this post!! You write so funny and creative, it's awesome :D !!
Go on like this :D

Anonymous said...

I love your posts their funny and simple make it easier for me to understand since I don't really like to read :P
The collection above is just gorges XX

Anonymous said...

When emailing to apply for tickets to shows what should I include!!!

Istituto Marangoni said...

FIT New York
nice post, thanks for sharing....

xiaoxi said...

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