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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I DIDN'T KNOW HERMES TEAMED UP WITH TARGET?..OH THE BLASPHEMY!!!! ( know it's in the wrong context but I just had to use that word haha).. I actually can not deal with fakes! People put so much effort into saving up for the real thing or just as much effort into producing the real thing. Seriously. You could only imagine my reaction when @Corbin_C tweeted a link to the image below. It's like honestly, how is that even allowed? Don't people in New York get stopped and put in jail for walking around offering SH!T like this?.. BLESS THEIR HEART FOR TRYING but for real.. I honestly, don't even feel right tagging this post with the Hermes label because that feels just wrong lol!!.. Whatever, at least they are horrible representations of the original, I have a Collier De Chien, which I love dearly, and let me tell you, this is nothing like the original lol. YUUUUUCK!

"Surprise, surprise. Target's knocked off designer! The bulls eye retailer has blatantly copied Hermes' CDC and Kelly bracelets and selling them for almost 1% of the original price.
- CoCo Perez

Indulge in the original with me!!!!!!!

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Allanté Von Cathé said...

Agreed. And this is another reason why I love my SS CDC. No fakes. Not yet at least. <3.

Anonymous said...

I barfed when I saw this photo! Grose.

Mani said...

OMG, I am about to die! I have to have one!

hugs and kisses by Mani.

B.Inspired said...

No replicas for me... I'll gladly save up for the real mccoy!

Miri said...

You are so damn right - I also own a REAL Collier de Chien which is handcrafted from the finest leather, but this... I can't even talk about this...

Fakes are just pretentious and I always feel sorry for those who actually buy them :(

Miri's Castle

EN VANITÉ said...

Hermes all the way

mary said...

OHHH NO!!! You have GOT to be kidding me?! Im with ya! Love the REAL pyramid studs and lock cuffs! Love your blog and your kick a$$ style! Off to check out more about ya!! xox!

Liza said...

Totally agree with you! Can't stand fakes!! LOVE your blog by the way... following you now!

XO, Liza
fashion over groceries

Raquel said...

Uggggghhhhhh! I hate fakes as well! That is horrible, if it's not real than why where it?

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