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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The GIVENCHY Rottweiler

YES OK, I GET IT!.. I obsess or as I like to say fixate over alot, I know, you've told me, you've told me off, told me nicely, you told me, you told me, you told me lol.. Since there is no stopping my sporadic fashion and model obsessive personality allow me to add another item to the list.. Right now, at this very moment, I'm really kinda obsessing over the Givenchy rottweiler print pieces from the Fall 2011 menswear collection.. No, it's not that I'm late on enjoying this creative venture by Monsieur Tisci, it's just that it took some time for me to realize my new acquired taste and how good this T would look under my black Karl Lagerfeld blazer... Hey, what can I say, I'm in season and have been putting together a Fall/Winter 2011 wishlist/looklist already.. obviously.. So it was bound to happen!

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Kate said...

I actually am not so keen on this, it kinda puts me off how aggressive it is!! For some reason I prefer the wolfy types and big sharks hahaa!

Jessica said...

Thanks for following, I'm following back :)


Please take a minute to look at my vintage boutique;



lucylu. said...

I kinda like that it's not like all of the other animal stuff!
There are so many kittens on tumblr at the moment! haha.
Seems to be dominating everyone's thoughts.



Anonymous said...

This would be so cool on you! Especially with your leather shots!
Love your style & blog:d

Anonymous said...

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