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Friday, July 29, 2011

As Fast As You Can

Prada button down, Yves Saint Laurent Jacket, Doc Marten Boots, Gianfranco Ferre Sunglasses

HONESTLY, I love to put on my favorite pieces and walk around my home, then I always end up taking pictures on my staircase lol. O.K. but honestly I've been in serious hibernation at my home in Woodbridge. But it all comes with a good reason... I am planning, processing and puzzle piecing all these things for something magical I hope I can accomplish for September. 1/4th of this is already complete and when it comes full circle FIREWORKS WILL EXPLODE!.. I love moments like this, the feeling of hunger and motivation to pursue something you know will open so many doors for yourself and change not only your perception, but the path you walk. I wish I could tell you guys but I don't want to jinx it, I hint every now and then but honestly I don't wanna jinx it lol.. All I can say is that when ever you feel so strongly about something that you know deep down inside can change things for you, run towards it, as fast as you can and let nothing stop you or distract you on your way.

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Mani said...

I agree with you! I love that feeling too, but sometimes you are left disappointed, unfortunately! I wish you the best and I believe you'll achieve whatever it is. We'll find out soon hopefully :)
btw. awesome jacket

hugs and kisses by Mani.

The Internet Garbage said...

I like these staircase photos of yours. Your blog is freaking awesome, love it. And good luck with your magical plans

The Internet Garbage

Daria said...

Oh these sunglasses <3

And I totally agree with a last sentance :) if you want something - you just go for it!


t said...

Cool look!


Gina said...

thank you:)
i use a canon eos 450d!

Jeff Campos said...

You look awesome! Love your style. Is that your PRada top? Love your blog!!

B.Inspired said...

I love this shirt Jay! Whatever it is, I am keeping my fingers crossed for you and hoping that it all works out in your favor! Cheers!!

Andrés Corella said...

Ohh now you left me intrigued..haha I can´t wait to see the fireworks explode! The last thing you said..is completely true and a great advice

The Black Label

Jessica said...

Great outfit :)


Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;


Nina Morena said...

That's a great feeling, very inspirational.
Check out my blog if you want, I've given you an award :) http://www.xoxonina.com/

Anonymous said...

You look so fierce!

Selina. said...

thanks for following dear! love your blog so I also follow you!

love, selina


Fashion 24/7 said...

this is such a cool photo!

miamanson said...

you have a good sense of fashion, thanks for your comment on my blog ;) can we follow each other?

fashion kats said...

Good luck with your project! :)

Love your sense of style, so inspiring!!
And thanks for your comment!


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