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Thursday, June 2, 2011


I've come across many oxford's but none quite like this! I am purely in love. What I seem to always love about Alexander Wang shoes is the pointed toe and narrow foot, being that it is a women's shoe I guess one wouldn't expect much less. Anyways these are great and the most amazing part about them (which I am going crazy about) is that they just went on sale for 50% off which makes them like under $300 and surprisingly still have a bunch of sizes left..
If you're interested [CLICK HERE] to purchase these shoes!


So, I am pretty much sharing my Summer sale wish-list, here is something else I feel is totally worth scooping up, again on Net-A-Porter.. This time UGH, its those JIl Sander two-tone neon soled brogues that kill me every time I look at them. I am hoping when I get into New York that these are still available for me to scoop u *fingers crossed* But here they are if you are interested, best part is they are half price! They were $695 and are now $347.50..
You can [CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE].. Have fun xx


I've been trying to find more uses than one for this, instead of solely for an iPad shelter. I have a real fixation with this whole embossed Marc Jacobs jelly case movement lol.. I don't use an iPad, I mean my mom does but I don't. Maybe I could get it for her and just keep it? Hmm.. All I know is that these are on sale at Net-A-Porter.. Half price so they're like $30 right now which is pretty darn good.. hmmm

There are a few colors left, these are my favorite [black] [pink] [salmon] and [navy]

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Anonymous said...

Yeah these are good, I also like the ones with the cutouts

Tender Talons said...

yeah really. like some women have huge man feet too. and they're rich. what about them?

Jay Strut said...

Its been so long and still not even a budge with him just come on and give us a couple more sizes up A.Wang!!!! aha

Tender Talons said...

that's really nice. wang pisses me off. all these man-like shoes in women's sizes. like thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

These are really great shoes.

Fashion 24/7 said...

Now im seriously sad! I saw these at Barney's the other day and passed them up.. They look so good right now!

Anonymous said...

Check out this cute story:

This Summer, Will You Dare To Bare In Speedos?


l'Iconoclaste said...

How beautiful...

Anonymous said...

love the jil Sander shoes

Anonymous said...

Great wang shoes

Anonymous said...

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