Thursday, June 2, 2011

VIDEO: Tom Ford Does IT For Pride

Tom Ford, who we still can't believe is 49 years old had an amazing interview with CNN. Ford touches on Gucci Group designing for YSL and the hate mail that would come in from YSL saying "what you did in 14 minutes down the runway ruined 40 years of my work".. Whatever it may be, Tom Ford is epic. Video to follow

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@TarekNB said...

I LOVE HIM Great post!

fabioviscovo said...

Even if He's not so young anymore...He's so fuckin HOT!!!

@MzSk8BoardP said...

*sighs* i love that man...

Some Like it said...

I agree with the above comments, he is great!

Anonymous said...

He is like, just something out of space

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