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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Light And Airy

So many things going on today. So busy, but i am excited to see Dragonette tonight. I just came back from checking out Converse's Fall 2011 collection, some cool things!

I am wearing an Alexander Wang Top, Wilfred Pants and a bunch of other little things lol :p My look is so airy and light today I feel nearly nude, usually I'm accustomed to tight and heavy lol....

See you tonight?

3 -:

Kristen said...

i love shirts like that. the lighter the better for me!

Allanté Von Cathé said...

I always did like these types of shirts. But GhurlL, I can't be doin' see-through. I can't be showing all this fo'free. Mmmkay. I like this look on you. Easy and breezy.

Fashion 24/7 said...

Love this! You look so pretty

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