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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Katy Perry - T.G.I.F.

You do not understand how excited I was to see this video! This song, honestly is my favorite and fit so well for like all of us because New Years was totally on Friday.. Remember when I was in Miami and did a post friggin playing it on Jan 1st!.. Well anyways, this video is so cute and makes me cry..No honestly.. It makes me wish I was more outgoing and fun in highs chool and makes me wish I didn't care as much as I did about what people would say about me.. LIFE IS TO SHORT to hold your own self back from having a blast & surprisingly enough, this song is totally my have fun with life mantra lol... But yeah, anyways, major props to (who I believe is) an amazing male model from NY, Richard Nuzzolese for getting the leading role as bad-boy jock in the video... O.k. ENJOY!!!

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BlueVanilla said...

Such a fun video..i love people who make fun of life!

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