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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Aeroplane Gallery

(click image for larger view)
Im at the Aeroplane Gallery right now checking out some cray-cray amazing vintage shades & glases. So many amazing vintage Alpinas, Cazal's, Cartier shades (like the solid gold & platinum ones pictured above and more.........) Jon says this place is a time machine lol and it really is seeing stuff from before I was born to things that look soooo out of this world! You can see more pictures here

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Anonymous said...

Place looks amazing

FAshion IN 5 said...

omg LOVE the Cazal's your. I've always wanted those.

Amy Gold said...

Never saw Cartiers like THAT
and the red ones are so hot

Fashion Dude said...


Jon James said...

Good Times!

Anonymous said...

Such cool sunglasses! I can't believe it,
solid platinum and gold!? Must way a ton (for what it's worth)

Baby Budget Blog said...

Ooooh, am in need of that first pair!!!


Thanks so much for the comment on my blog :)

GSUS FAM said...


Anonymous said...

wow these are dope man! Those striped Alpina's are off the chain.

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