Friday, May 6, 2011

Mulberry Launches "The Book"

Mulberry, the brand which (I say) has recently made its super mark in the fashion industry with it's hugely coveted bags like the Alexa and Bayswaters turns 40! To celebrate they have launched "The Book." This is a rare glimpse inside the world of Mulberry, giving behind the scenes looks at their Someset factory, intimates with the iconic celebrities behind the brand, personal moments with creative direct Emma Hill and much more.. The exclusive book took more than 3 years to complete and is for what it's worth the deepest insight into the brand. "The Book" will be retailing for 55 euro.

“This book has been created to celebrate Mulberry’s 40th anniversary, rather than a dry historical round up of the brand’s past, it is a glimpse inside our world, a fly on the wall, warts and all journey through the past two years of the brand’s life. It shows our public and private life, the highs and lows and the extraordinary Mulberry ‘family’ that work so hard together to make it all seem so effortless.”

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fishyfacedesigns said...

Should be a fascinating read...a look behind this iconic brand...

Tallulah Doll said...

Great find Jay! I love the cover too...very creative.
Btw, I tagged you and Anna De La Russo. You made my best dressed fashion inspiration list, along with Style Bubble and Bryan Boy. You're featured in today's post :)

Tallulah Doll

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