Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Make It, Fake It, Break It


So here it is!!! I've been nervously awaiting to see how it turned out.. Here are the pics from that shoot I was talking about the other day which I styled... It was really cool (since it was my first time) and I was the solo stylist.. Soooooo I like, really had to step up to the plate here which I think I did!! UHm.. I know I've watched enough Rachel Zoe to know how it goes down biznatch ahha... I pulled some amazing pieces not only from my own wardrobe (cough cough... note to the Hermes bracelets all over the place hahaa xx) but also from Carte Blanche & Fashionably Yours.. I love the Emporio Armani suit + Pink Cobra cutout top (6th image: right).. Overall I love it! Its a great reflection of my personal style and I'm really happy I got to work with Hannah she is amazing and showed me that there is never anything to be afraid of... EVER!! haha.. What do you think of my first time at styling!? Continue reading and go through the rest of the photos xx

Photographer: Hannah Sider
Muse: Nicole S. (Elite)
Hair & Makeup: Tami El Sombati
Stylist: Jay Strut
Camera: Canon 5D Mark 2

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DeBuzz said...

Sincerely, I think this is a fantastic job for a first timer, hope to get a first time too..I like.

Sabine B. said...

You did an amazing job! Congratulations :)

And I love the hair in all the pictures too!

STRUT said...

Thanks guys.. Means so much! I was a little nervous but got over it quickly haha

Hannah said...

I'm so proud of you!!

K said...

that's amazing! congrats:)

Markese said...

i really like it. i am a sucker for killer accessories though

Anonymous said...

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