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Saturday, May 28, 2011

George Antonopoulos + Danier = Object

O.k. so....uhm.. Im speechless.. Never, in my wildest dreams would my body crave to be serenaded by Danier leather lol.. Bless my fairy fashion godfather George Antonopoulos' soul for creating such beauty.. George is the most recent creative individual to team up with Danier leather and add some umph to their collections... Im literally obsessed.... lol... I am fixated on the work here, the overwhelming perfection of these pieces are beyond words.... Im gonna stop now before I say something stupid lol.. Drool With me!!!! p.s. I know for a FACT these first three looks here would.../are going to look amazing on me lol!!...

9 -:

Anonymous said...


Vitina said...

Stuff looks really well made. And outfits are styled really well. Cool post. Thanks for sharing

Fashion 24/7 said...

Absolutely loving this. Are those Christian Louboutin's I see! Love them.

Tassos P said...

Oh, speechless! Such perfect leather creations! I loooooove leather and I die for that second look! Blazer and pants!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perfection!
Really thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Can I just say that the styling here is perfection? Also, this model is beautiful. The clothes are extremely beautiful as well. Great post

Anonymous said...

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