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Monday, April 4, 2011

Stuff It In

Don't ask why I have that stupid face and seem to be trying to shove my fist into my mouth.. Just appreciate it haha... Amazing night- party in celebration for Amanda Lew Kee's Fall 2011 show..

epic photo taken by Karim

5 -:

The Jilted Lover said...

Amazing!! I love her style.

Lalli Carvalho said...

I love those faces that you make, are stylish and unusual.
Always a presence in parades, do you?
Take care, dear.

A. + M. said...

great photo! thanks for visiting my blog, x,A.

dressingup-everyday said...

Maybe because you have a beautiful woman beside you?. Wonderful Leigh

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

don't worry about the face, you still look fabulous. you know that i love you in black

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