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Friday, April 15, 2011

Perfect Timing

I am sooo inspired right now... If you notice in the image there is a Hermes Cape Cod double wrap watch holding itself in place under the collar of this individuals button down... This is BEYOND perfection!!.. Funny, I've tried doing this on bare neck with my Hermes Rivale double wrap bracelet and obviously I look like some S&M fetish monger, but NOW I have new inspiration!!

photo: Jak & Jil

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Britiss Fashion said...

WOW!! that is so cool!


Anonymous said...

Love the blog

ELEUTHERIA1988 said...

helloo!great blog!i follow you!can you follow me?thanks!http://fashiondream-eleutheria1988.blogspot.com/

KC said...

it is a very unique personal touch. i like it very much.


Helena said...

I love it, that looks so cool!

carrie jade said...

Cheeky and stylish. Love it! x

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