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Sunday, April 3, 2011

LINE Knitwear Fall 2011

it is necessary to listen to this song alongside viewing this post xoxo

It was and still is very hard to try and post a moderate amount of photos for this post because I literally just want to share every single amazing photo I was able to take even if it's of the back of the model's head lol because I genuinely felt like I was in a dream watching this collection. Here are the photos I took from my seat that made the cut (pretty much all of the ones that make sense anyways lol).

It was a full house for the final show of Toronto Fashion Week. Excitement and anticipation filled the room and once Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream played (which I haven't stopped listening to since) I knew I was in for something special. LINE Knitwear, known for their superb craftsmanship of, well, knitwear, really brought their A-game for their Fall 2011 collection. Cable knit cardi's and sweaters, knit dresses, tops and accessories like scarves and wraps all made their way down the runway in a to-the-T Bohemian, New York City, SoHo kinda downtown girl look. We saw some new additions to the collection like fur trims and stoles, leather a-cut shearling jackets and super-chic trousers & easy flowing skirts. The LINE Knitwear team mastered the art of layering with the styling of the runway show, it was beyond major! Layers and layers of knits were belted, cinched, accessorized and color-combo'd to perfection. Again, it was also great to see new materials in the collection i.e. super heavy fur and leathers blended with knits. There are some serious staple pieces for Fall in this collection. Congratulations on another hit to the LINE Knitwear team!

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Erica Wark said...

WOW! these looks are just amazing! I love how they layered and added texture!

Great Post!
xx Erica


Tanya said...

Wow Jay, these photos are amazing! The details of the work are crazy good. Love this post! Thanks for sharing

o s o p o l a r said...

love it

Sara B. said...

Woww, great. I envy you so much for this nice opportunity you have, I love fashion. If I am staying a few days in Canada? hihihi joke;)
See you!!


A Heel in Mint said...

Love the texture mix, colors and details. Thanks for sharing! xx

Heel in Mint

Anonymous said...


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