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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wristgame 3.0.

O.K. prepare, this is going to be a little deep.. Not to much though.... This picture is like a zillion words to me. It kinda makes me emotional, like an overwhelming joy.. The kinda emotional that makes you want to cry of happiness kind of emotional.. Its just because I think its so great to see myself finally, for what its worth, comfortable in my own skin, comfortable with who I am. I dealt with insecurities for so long always worrying about what people would think of me or what they would say... And it sucks because I know there are so many people in the world feeling what I felt for such a long time not knowing if it would ever go away... Since finding myself this much so far I am so much more happier inside & out.. Thanks to fashion, music and an amazing circle of family I have been able to spread my wings far beyond the distance my eyes could see... Thanks to fellow blogger & friend Spiro from ItsAllStyleToMe for taking the photo!!

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i love you.

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