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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

To Much To Handle

I think it's only right that I share this with you all... Cuz if you know me than you know that there are two beings of fashion that I regularly channel on a regular basis lol.. Enter..........Both of my super, major style icons side by side sharing the camera space.... Kate Lanphear & Frankie Han.. I can't even talk right now... All i know is that I want them to have a baby.. Actually, no, wait, I want to be their fashion love childd.. UGHH.. SOO obsessed in love... Im actually speechless right now.... So inspired...

5 -:

H-S said...

they look like fashionable twins..hehehe..
they can play god, and all about how their wearing fashion... saluth'


HS - Indonesia

Anthea said...

I want everything!!!! hahaha You always look just as fabulous so there!

Emma said...

wow! you're so lucky!
Kate is genius!


Anonymous said...

Sooooooooo EPIC

Anonymous said...

Cool kids

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