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Sunday, March 13, 2011


in no specific order, last year in a nutshell..

37 -:

breeanna said...

hey jay, telling you know great pic's.... Wow being in New York city, Nicely well done job!!!!

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

More of these nutshells, I love every single one of them. Did you realize that you are always staying true to your fashion identity but you look different every time. You are the man with the most fabulous t-shirts in the world. And you know how to wear black and white (not easy colors to combine). My favorite, you on the sidewalk, your hair looks smashing. Oh and I am so jealous of your Hermes cuffs.

Judith Anna said...

Hey Jay,Thanks for your comment on my blog.
Love this post, like any other and love your tweets as well :-)
Let's meet someday. Ciao from Amsterdam


MariaMaria said...

Jay! I utterly LOVE your style.. You can apply any trend and make it your own (which is what I LOVE about you).. Keep being the muse to the mode<3

Stephanie said...

thanks for commenting! but seriously why do you have the most amazing accessories and pieces like ever!! i'm so jealous, you look great =)

Diane L said...

OMG that is Alexander Wang & Kate Lanphear! You are a celeb?!

Andres Gallardo Cruz said...

eiiiii... thanks a lot, you are funny.


Jessica said...

your style is amazing!
thanx for you comment! haha yeah i know.
I didn't really had inspiration for a url.
but i changed the url to jessicafotografie.tk haha. But you can also visit it on wewantweed.blogspot.com xD haha i wanted a name with www. so the first thing that came up was we want weed hahaha!

Amina said...

Love the concept for your new blog! I read the little blurb and it makes total sense!

Ditchthetrend.com said...

spectacular blog, and you def are a mode muse! :)


anna ∆ said...

thanks :)
your blog is really great,too!
i'll follow you


Anonymous said...

Amazing photos..
Love your style in every one of them


Anonymous said...

i have a sick addiction
its called 'your style'

Anonymous said...

i have a sick addiction
its called 'your style'

Mazzi Made Me said...

Am totally loving your accessories! I'm a sunglasses whore and am massively coveting yours. Apart from headgear tho I do fall short,, I'm always more focused on the actual clothing, yet it is clear from your blog how central they are to an ensemble. Am going to be coming back often for some more inspiration.



Karina said...

You got style boy!*

GG said...

Amazing style. I love your photo with Kate Lanphaer! Shes so great.

Gabriel Ugoala said...

too many pix,too many thing i love in them,love your hand accessories,your LV bag,Gucci hat,boot so cute,your leather jacket a die for and your hair,hmmmm... fabulous and chic.

Anonymous said...

just saw your tweet.. and yes your KILLING it!! love

Polkaways said...

Alexander Wang...wow! Such an opportunity.

You have such an amazing style.



cristina petre said...

great photos!

cristina petre said...

..did i mention i looove your accessories? :))

Reckless Rekha. said...

you have an amzing style! you look so effing great :) x

Geo said...

What a journey you seemed to of had in 2010! Can't wait to see your 2011 stores.

The Photodiarist said...

Wow! Love that you met one of my fave designers, Alexander Wang. And Kate Lanphear!!! Crazy!

Miss Sofie said...

Love the pictures, especially the one with Alexander Wang, he's the best!

Anonymous said...

Love the photo diary! KATE LANPHEAR!!!!



Trey said...

Im like, seriously drooooling right now..
All of your Hermes accessories are SOO
Love your style! Stay fly

Love LuLu said...

You have the best style.


Collections said...

Your outfits here are amazing. Love the studded green shirt and the outfit with the skull scarf. great.


Haute-fly said...

Love this post. Such a great selection of shots - you have a great sense of style and taste.

I' now following. Please feel free to have a little look at my blog.
Thank you

galatea. said...

nice post!

Markese said...

Picture with the YSL top.. that entire look is everything my heart wants needs and desires! On that note I'm ending my night. I've finished stalking your blog and can go to sleep a happy fashion kid :)

Shane(trendingfn@gmail.com) said...

I second Markese comment. I NEED a YSL tee like that.lol It will honestly make me a better person...

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