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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Paris & Whips Excite Me

Ok, you guys must think im on a serious music binge.. Either its my psycho reminiscent Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston & Boyz II Men tweets or something else.. I can't help it haha!! These songs are the newest addictions added to my stream. Friendly Fires - Paris (Aeroplane Remix ft. Au Revoir Simone) is the shizz.. & the video for Rihanna - S&M...They are totally that kinda lounge, chill, running through Paris playing in the beach in Miami, walking on Fifth Avenue, STRUTting into the club, hitting the streets of New York Fashion Week in a rush kinda jams.. I love.. Hopefully you'll love to

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Anthea said...

Oh Paris. Lol It makes me want to go tanning and lay by the beach..not happening in To anytime soon!

Erica Wark said...

Hey love! It's corrected! Thanks for visiting - LOVE your blog - AND YOU!

Following you :)

Keep in touch, NYFW!!!!



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