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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Aimlessly Everything

With the sights, sounds and tweets of #NYFW all around consuming my every breathing second of life, I really needed to get away from it all for a minute and take an aimless walk throughout the city.... PLUS it was like +2 outside so I wanted to indulge in the subtle warmth around... I checked out some of the consignment stores in Yorkville and they were old, stuffy and just not friendly. They were also super over-priced, $3,000 for a Chanel jacket when I sold the matching skirt for like only $300 at FY.. Crazy, I know right? I shoulda just bought it and hung it in my room on the wall (HERMESSSS) lol..ALSO.... please pardon the lack of updating a la SATISFASHION, I have been sooooooooo uncontrollably busy with school and all this other stuff.......you guys dont even understand, but it will all unravel in the coming weeks, now that New York Fashion Week is done it's time to focus all of my attention to Toronto Fashion Week!!! (aside from the euro fashion weeks coming along)...breatheeeee.. I have a few tricks under my sleeve im working on which hopefully will pan out to success..

5 -:

Anonymous said...

love the proportions and the asymmetrical cut of that cardigan! nice

yuliahurts said...

love your look

Liana said...

cool jacket and your hair is awesome :)
don't forget to breathe! :P

Fashion Bag 411

Georgie Joseph said...

dope and practical!

Daniella said...

I love how you carry your Balenciaga! Just like THAT

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