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Sunday, January 23, 2011


So I've been getting some e-mails asking what kind of camera I use on a daily basis. Whether I'm taking photos of myself being chic on the street or during the extravaganza's we call fashion week. My camera of choice is the OLYMPUS SP-800uz.. This is a great camera because it packs such a strong punch for such a compact and portable device. I am quite traumatized by my old big bulky Nikon camera and almost thought I would be stuck with it forever until this came along. The small and compact design of this camera makes it perfect to shove in your bag and in my case my Dolce & Gabbaba clutch, it has a attached lens protector which is super convenient and reassuring.. Another plus is that this camera fits PERFECTLY inside of my Alexander Wang Camera Bag!!!

Ability wise, the Olympus SP 800uz is great! This thing has a craaaaazy 30x zoom which literally is a blessing because it keeps me from loosing my place trying to move closer to a subject. Another major plus about this camera is the ease of functions. It was so easy and simple to move from setting to setting on the main display which is also easy to use and navigate. Whether it be using the built in Panorama setting or the amazing built in fisheye setting, it's all so easy and simple to use.. Oh and it has HD Video recording capabilities HELLOS!! Runway...

I love that I have nothing bad to say about this camera, I love the color it comes in and OMGGG I forgot to mention.... I love that the Olympus SP 800uz charges via the USB cord.. DO you know what that means!?!?!? It means you aren't taking out your battery putting it into the separate piece than having to plug it into the wall.. Which means you have a 99% less chance of forgetting your camear before you head out... YOU DONT HAVE TO TAKE THE BATTERY OUT TO CHARGE THE DEVICE!!!..

I really think this is a gate camera for me and for all the other bloggers out there, whether it be food, nature, detail blogging- having to take high quality close up or detailed pictures is such a breeze and even in the auto setting pictures come out amazing- or if your a fashion blogger like me -having to catch models strut down the runway, or get the perfect detail shot of your newest accessory - the Olympus SP 800uz is perfect!!

OLYMPUS SP 800uz Specs
30x wide optical zoom
14 Megapixels
3” wide LCD in 16:9 format
HD movie and HDMI technology
2GB internal memory and SD slot
Photo Surfing
[ib] software
USB charging

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lovethymuse.com said...

Oww new camera want! My Nikon DSLR is kills my shoulder sometimes.

Woods'n Lily said...

I have the same and it's so gooodd, you can take great outside picture with it, great color!!!! Love it

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