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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dior Homme Fall 2011


I love the choice of lack of color... The Dior Homme collection is always such a dramatic and yet so simple inspiration for my sense of style. There is something about the ease, slouchy-ness and flow of the pieces my lover Kris Van Assche magically creates.... Is it only me that always sees a channeled sense of "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" I love the capes and jackets, those hats and the minimalist sets. I love it all.. Something new which I have started to incorporate into my wardrobe are things with the unfinished hem look.. Oh & p.s. I am working an all RED everything outfit sometime soon & maybe ill try it with a trouser because it looks so damn good in this collection haha..

source: The Fashionisto, Style.com

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Richard Vieira said...

As a devout DH fan and customer, I'm perplexed by this collection. Like many of KVA's work for the house, it takes a while for me to warm to some of the silouettes and pieces. And while I'm not against unfinished seams, I do find the rather sloppy embroidery work out of place.

The bold return of Dior red is a great homage to the father of the house, but I think even Kanye has executed it more effortlessly (see his appearance on SNL this season).

Arianna said...

Love how exceptional this collection is.

shi zhan said...

Ray Banから、いろいろなことを学びました。レイバンは出来たものに留まらず、また新しいモデルを発表することと同じ、自分ももっと新しい知識を勉強しなければなりません。そして、レイバン wayfarerについてもまだたくさん知りたいです。自分が持つこのイバン RB2140にも感謝したいと思います。

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