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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Adding To My Inventory #2


HERMES "H" Belt Kit
It's been a while now that I've been eying down the classic Hermes "H" Belts. I just never knew which color's to get so I thought and waited.. I originally wanted the belt with the gold "H" as the buckle and the "blue jean" blue on one side and black on the other (reversible).. So since i'm in Miami and pretty much pitching a tent inside of the Bal Harbour shops I thought it would only be right to pay one of my favorite stores a visit, I right away looked for the "Blue Jean" blue I was talking about earlier and couldn't find it and partially gave up until my girl's there told me they had a gorgeous ruby red color named Rubis on one side with the dark chocolate named Cafe to match my Collier De Chien on the reverse, in the back in my size, I couldn't resist!! So here is my Hermes palladium "H" Belt sz.85 with rare "Rubis" red & dark charcoal "Cafe" brown reversible strap. So excited to rock this thing on the regular!!!

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Lin said...

I love it! Your blog is so dangerous to read! I'm going to be broke but at least I'll have Hermes!

Divona said...

Love the color combos! Great piece to have.

BRAD said...

NICE !! ♥

I just got the Hermes 'Men's Style' "idem" belt (thinner "H" buckle) - Hermes belt's ROCK...


Chicken Melt said...

aaaaaahhhh you make me jealous!! Love your blog darling! Consider yourself followed ;) Hope you will follow me back! x


Vanportrait said...

congratulations! You will see - the belt lasts forever. Great statement piece.

KC said...

i'm sure it will age perfectly.


Nadia D said...

Gorgeous piece! I love the color and that's fun that it matches your Collier De Chien!! You are the only 19 year old I know with this many Hermes pieces lol!

Anonymous said...

Great piece! Next up is the Constance buckle

Anonymous said...

Back in August 2010 i started a thread Style Forum about wanting to buy the Hermes H Belt.

During the intermetent months I variously waited for the time I could justify the purchase. By Jan 2011 I had decided I could go for it.
Back in December I popped into the NBSt, London shop but they did not have the buckle and strap I wanted.

Finally after 2 weeks of phone calls and a few angry-ish exchnage I picked up my H belt. I actually paid for the brush finish gold - then after paying for it changed it for the smooth gold as it was the original one I liked.

Very happy.

Cant wait to wear it with my jean - esp in the summer with my white jeans.

But after a few days I took the brown/black strap back anc changed it for the orange/black which was the original colours that I wanted all along when I first liked the belt.

Phew...lucky I found the strap and they had it in stock!

The experince of buying the H belt has been the most stressful shopping experience of my life.

Love wearing my belt though...!


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