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Thursday, December 16, 2010

VOGUE Nippon

I feel like this is such a cool picture, Anna Dello Russo is always so on point with everything she does.

6 -:

Ria said...

Love Gisele. Love Anna. So good.

fashion westie said...

it IS such a cool picture and anna dello russo is such a cool lady! i'd give an internal organ or two to have a slice of her insight.

also want that massive cupcake masquerading as a ring!

NobodyKnowsMarc said...

love vogue japon!


Fuyume said...

I love vogue nippon its the 1 magazine i always buy as the imagery is soo beautiful :)

but then i blog about japanese fashion so its kinda like research too

Vinda Sonata said...

anna dello russo is a legend!!

Caleb Poling said...

It's one of those covers where you can keep staring at it and feel inspired. xx

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