Monday, December 20, 2010

Kermit Tesoro Holiday F/W 2010 x Surface Mag

Kermit Tesoro is a crazy rising fashion designer with an unexplainable talent.. From the Philippines, Kermit Tesoro channel's super avant-garde style with gothic tones and manicures it to high fashion, coutoure'd street style. He induces a strong want to touch and feel his clothing, the textures are outrageously cool and because the colors are so soft it creates such a beautiful product... I have yet to know more about this designer but I am seriously, madly, deeply IN LOVE.. His work is crazy and from what I know he is making a mark from his shoes, I want a pair of those friggin heels if only just to frame haha but then when I saw the skull ones I was struck.. To me, Kermit's work is in a league of its own but comparable to the likes of Theirry Mugler, Manish Arora, etc.. So gorgeous... Can't wait to see more from this magical monster of fashion!!!

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Anonymous said...

wow, I am speechless by this!! Outstanding find.

Guwini said...

I saw the printed jumpsuit during Philippine Fashion Week SS/2011. The collection is just stunning!

John said...

The shoes look like the Spring 2010 McQueen heel melted into a Nina Ricci Fall 09

rasheedat said...

that dress is lovely (L)

KC said...

i saw that heelless shoes up close during a photoshoot for preview magazine. it as awesome as awesome can get. i died.

Sanja said...

All I can say is... WOW!

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