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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Karl Lagerfeld Jacket, YSL T-shirt, Gucci Jeans, Hermes Belt & Cuffs, Louis Vuitton Loafers, Lanvin for H&M Shades
Helllllllllllllllo lovers & friends, if you've been following my tweets than you know where I am! For those of you who don't, I am in sunny South Beach soaking up the sun, beach, life & fashion.. My family & I come here to South Beach every year for Christmas and New Years and have an amazing time, it's also such a refreshing way to prepare for the coming year... I've been a little slow on the blog but trust me I have a lot of goodies coming along!! I've only been here a couple days now and have already scooped up so many cool things to share with you all.. I ransacked Bal Harbour the other day and got crazy things in the first 30 seconds upon arrival hahaha.. I've already met and rubbed shoulders with Calvin Klein and Amare Stoudemire at Prime 112 where I had dinner the other night and met Jamie Foxx, Lauren Conrad, David Arquette and more at the Fontaine Bleu pool!! Crazy i know haha and im pretty sure I was sitting two seats away from Johnny Depp at the Delano.. I've been checking out some amazing shops like The Webster which is my new obsession in Miami (stay tuned for the post from that store.. omg.. i died...) and I went to see if Milan would be there so I can ask him to sign my chest and than adopt me as his pet lol.. Another cool store here in South Beach is Alchemist on Lincoln rd. where I got an amazing piece that I am dying to wear (will show you soon), and dining at amazinggggg resturants yesterday I ate chicken out of a chicken at Barton G than shot at ducks over funnel cake lol and stuffed my face at Carpaccio.. There is so much more cool stuff going on and not enough time so for now... I must say.. Stay tuned!!!! Talk to you soon

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Marina Nogueira said...

This look is just perfect!

Bub said...

Once again, you always have an amazing sense of fashion!

One Love
check out my blog :)

Lin said...

Hi! Saw your blog via twitter and you have exquisite taste (obvs)! I see that you are a LV and Hermes afficionado (as am I) :-). Can't wait to read more!

Anonymous said...

amazing shot, you look so good!

BRAD said...

Brrrrr.... Would MUCH rather be in South Beach than freezin' Toronto!

Jealous!! ☹

Happy New Year! ☺


Anonymous said...

wowwzaa I reallly love your life </3 lol

Anonymous said...

plz share more pix of Miami! too cold in toronto. lol

Anonymous said...

What r the coolest places to hang out in Miami? bars/pubs, clubs, restaurants, beaches, etc... Please tell us! Thanks!

hannah said...

so amazing! your style is fierce! and you WERK it! love love love!!!



Avina said...

Love the undertone label whoring going on here!! Ur so fierce Jay Strut xoxo

Pomme said...

Hi ! I just discover your blog thanks to Twitter (I am Pomme_tweet) and I definitely love your style :3

Awesome jacket !

I will follow you.

Oh, and Happy New Year ;D

Anonymous said...

Amazing look! Love everything about it. That little pop of red via your Hermes belt is to die for!!

Devin said...

diggin everything in this look, great loafers

Anonymous said...

so fly

Anonymous said...

j'adore noir et blanc

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