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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bike With Your Birkin

And yes, it is Olivia Palermo, the beautiful socialstress herself is the only social-butterfly I could imagine who would be able to treck around in Charlotte Olympia heels, pitter patter with her Hermes Birkin in hand and use a bike as a means of transportation.UGHH THE CHIC-NESS IS KILLING ME!!!! I love how practical and down to earth she tries to be just by putting her Birkin in her bike basket lol!! Oh how I love her & Johannes lol.. Olivia has seemed to prove herself as a classy and chic style icon to me. She is someone to look to for a preppy take on modern and trendy aesthetic in outfits... It also seems to me I am going heavy on a Hermes fixation lol, last couple of post's seems to be all im talking about lol.. KELLY KELLY KELLY KELLY!! p.s. This is the 400th post of this year!! Let's celebrate to that haha..

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Amanada Wu said...

die for that birkin & for her style! You hit it with a nail, cute little write-up Jay!

@Lauren_Elan said...

Can't help but luv it


LOVE. hand over the birkin pls.. :p

It's D'or said...

I'm in love with those shoes and congrats on your 400th post!

Kel & Cass

Just Two Kids said...

I.... am obsessed with her style. She wears the most beautiful outfits!

Everything she puts on is so chic and she can pull anything off.

Max. www.justtwokids.com

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