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Saturday, November 27, 2010


LOL!! Ok, it must be freakishly weird for me to be saying this, but not until now did I see this glorious performance by two of the worlds more notoriously known boy bands, the Backstreet Boys & New Kids On The Block... After being a little turned off by the lack of GAGA on the AMA's I never ended up catching the full show so I missed this the first time.. After now a few day's of twitter-meltdowns from teen girls, boys and some not so teen peeps I have decided to cave in and watch the damn thing!!! Not only am I in shock that this union has been made but I am actually a little jitterish deep down inside (full of excitement) just from watching.. The nostalgia the performance evokes can definitely be said to be felt not only by me!! Come'on we were all singing along to 90% if not all the lyrics of BSB & NKOTB hits!! haha.. If this was your first time watching, let me know what you think!! ENJOY

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