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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

STREET STYLE - Neutral to Cool

Textures, tones, colors and uhmm.. I love the choice of one color and use of it in many different shades and textures i.e. photos 3 & 4. I love the trousers and I love the various forms of volume wether it be slim-fit jacket and wide pant or heavy furry jacket and skinny leg. I may want to go super forest green & sweat-pant grey for fall/winter.. That is pretty much as much color as I can handle lol.. P.s. UGH!! I want Caroline's Celine leather tote bag, but I want the Cabas tote which is the one with the zippers!! because it has just a little bit more character! I got the chance to check out the bag she is holding and it is literally a piece of super thin leather shaped into a bag with handles lol.. But that doesn't matter because I love it!! LOL.. Also that YSL clutch seems to be actually larger than what I thought it would be hmmm, should I add that to my list of clutches that I want!!??

4 -:

Shebelle said...

Hot shoes on first photo!

Bub said...

Great pictures. This is definitely an inspiring post!
Thanks for sharing

new post, come check it out :)

Anthea said...

Your photos are amazing! Just found your site and love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing stuff!!

Esh' xx

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