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Thursday, November 25, 2010


As you know i've been recently on the hunt for a camera suitable for me and after searching I came across a couple I liked. I was torn between the Olympus SP-800UZ and the Cannon Powershot SD14..something, something lol----.. I shot a tweet out to the twittersphere to help me choose and for some magial reason I received a tweet back offering me the Olympus camera which I mentioned just moments prior. Obviously I was not going to pass that opportunity up lol.. So I've been testing it out and got a good chance to let it loose at the Chasse Gardee Pop-up shop curated by fellow Toronto based fashion blog Stefania Yarhi & Cordury Mag!!.. It was a cool selection of some local designer goodies- proceeds from the sales went to charity so spending was in good cause! I managed to score a super cool short-at-the-front-long-at-the-back top by super-cute and stylish designer LEILANNI (photo'd above holding her masterpiece which I was quick to snatch).. I can't wait to rock it with some craziness..

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Bub said...

Loving everything I see here!


Ria said...

That's awesome. Congrats on getting a good camera.

Glowing Doll said...

Great Photos! I love the mesh cardigan and that felt cape/Sweater with the spots.

Anonymous said...

Love that top that the girl is holding in the 3rd picture! I want I want!!

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