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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Miami Vice

You MUST play the song as you go through this post or it just wont work lol..

Going through pictures in my computer and came across this amazing shot I took back in 08/09 New Years in South Beach at the Mondrian Hotel (which has now become my second home).. This photo just reminded me not only how fast time goes by and how much I have changed in such a short time, but that in a few weeks I will once again be in my 3rd (after New York) favorite place in the world!!.. Miami is one of my favorite places in the world because of the glamour, I love the the fun of shopping in Bal Harbour or the nights where your in the lobby of the Delano and just hanging and watching people walk by in bikini's and diamonds.. Theres the beach and then there's the city, the perfect match! I found some more photos along the way from my trips to miami over the past couple of years. You can get a really good idea of just how much my style and just myself in general has changed- I'm scared I might have to disable the right click button so you guys can never save these pic's and blackmail me haha!! lol check it out!!..

Summer 08 @ The Hotel Victor

Christmas & New Years 08/09 @ The Mondrian South Beach

Ahh.. New Years dinner at the Versace Mansion was the best!

Me & My cousin got our own room, which turned out to be a two bedroom, two bathroom penthouse suite lol...

09/10 Christmas & New Years @ The Mondrian South Beach

See you soon South Beach!!

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R. said...

good life!! take me with you the next time! ahah



Ria said...

I just recently moved here, absolutely loving it.

ViiVii said...

WOW! It's looking like you have a very interesting time when you go on vacation! I would love to see you in action at Bal Harbour!



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