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Sunday, October 17, 2010

St.Lawrence Market, Vintage Sundays

Sunday morning strolls through the St. Lawrence Market are one of my favorite "sunday-things-todo" obviously besides go to work lol.. Aside from the borderline racist who trolls over her fake-goods exporting service in the top right corner of the market it's always a great experience and I usually tend to have amazing finds!!. Such a beautiful day and such a beautiful lamb shearling jacket I came across at one of the vendors outside! I am totally regretting walking away from this beauty right now and think that if it is back where I found it next Sunday it shall be mine!! lol

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Shebelle said...

My eyes are yearning for more!! More~

365 Fashion Rehab said...

I love the vintage market, there are so many great finds. I didn't take advantage of it enough when I lived in Toronto! That shearling is super cute : )
Love, A

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