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Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Season Later

Found this awsome photo of me at the end of the runway during the Romona Keveza runway show. It's a homage to my blog banner which was taken a season ago in the same section during Toronto Fashion Week FW 2010 runway shows! I am a little in awe at how interesting this Toronto Fashion Week has turned out to be for me.. Some crazy-cool outfits, some interesting conversations, being talked about in the paper, meeting some amazing new people and just a whole lot of fashion & fun!

Everytime I look at my pictures like this it reminds me of one thing, growth; that I can only grow as an individual and how much I have already evolved from where I started. With every step and every post I grow more and more proud of my self and thank you all for sticking around and joining me on these crazy adventures I blog or tweet about..

Through Jay Strut & Satisfashion I have built a more individual tone for myself and feel more independent in these days than I have my whole life. Being yourself is the one thing that will be your key to your destiny, staying true to yourself helps pave the way for your journey to the top! The drive to go to some of these hectic events and just throw myself in the mix gives me the greatest thrill I've had and it's crazy that it's really only been a year.

Toronto Fashion Week is the one week during the beginning/end of the year that I anticipate and anticipate until its finally here. Its the one week where more than ever I feel at home in my own city and the one week where I actually want to go out and have fun. The shows, the clothes, the parties.. OH THE FASHION!! Another season to add under my belt! TO many more and many more memories!!

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Jose Camacho said...

Such an inspiring post! Thanks for sharing that one VERY important word- growth.
As silly as it sounds, it is SO true. Congrats on your ongoing experience in the fashion industry :) I hope to do the same!

Jose C.


Anonymous said...

u r so cute!
all the best

dii said...

jay, you are the best!

VERZ said...


chelsi said...

hey! where did you find this photo?? i wanna see the rest of this set.
great shot

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