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Monday, October 4, 2010

More Monsieur - Street Style

If you have not noticed I have been quite fixated on men's fashion for some time now, with a new inspiration (that hasent yet been applied) to dress a tad more masculine as I grow out of my undistinguished & androgynous ways. The art of menswear is not as simple as I once thought such naive times ago, I have slowly been taking note of some of the key aspects of putting together a perfect 'for him' ensemble and working, twerking, remixing and fixing them to fit my personal style.. I await the day I actually wear one out in public lol..

Looking for the perfect blazer has been one of my greatest challenges, I've accumulated many from Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci & Karl Lagerfeld and still feel quite misplaced in them all..hmmm.. I feel a blazer is such a key aspect of a mens outfit (in most cases) because it helps balance bold colors or prints to diffuse the attention... I really need a red suit.. not just any red, Kanye red!! lol

Mixing patterns & utilizing neon brights can be difficult but when done right make the most amazing impact.

In all honesty we probably wont catch me dressing like this any time soon, but at least we can hope.. I may in Miami as i've scored an amazing pari of plum embossed Gucci loafers that have inspired me for an outfit!

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