Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Leather, Studs & A Pair Oxfords

It was a pretty intense outfit today when you think about it, leather studded blazer, crazy bracelets, leather vintage trousers & stripes!.. oh and not to mention uhm... OXFORDS!?!?!? I

After almost having a meltdown because of the weird treatment I've been receiving this Toronto Fashion Week I've decided to let it all go and just have fun with it!

For those of you whom are reading this right now! Thank you and make sure to say satisfashionized!!

P.s. You can now get on satisfashion via

Love you guys!

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Jose Camacho said...

LOVE the styling.
How about hand me those leather vintage trousers?? :P haha all jokes aside,
super chic.

Jose C.

Anonymous said...


Laura Connell said...

Why, yes, I do like your outfit. Great studded lapel on the jacket.

@manifique said...

i always like your outfits. work it out, honey!

TheMen'sSide said...

Great look man!

Bub said...

WOW! You are amazing!!! I love love love love this outfit!!!
You are a great inspiration!
follow me? :)

Verzillio said...

Crazy outfit dude! Love it top to bottom, great blend of masculine, edgy, rock and classic!


Anonymous said...

<3 this

Ray P said...

Amazing shot of you! The Hermes clic clack, the leather trousers, the everything! You have a great sense of style and great hair!

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